A message for fashion consumers

The negative impact of the fashion industry has serious consequences for people, land, forests, air, water, oceans, animals, and all ecosystems which are currently being felt globally. It is now risking the very survival of many communities and its capacity to freely live, be educated, work and thrive as we should.

To mitigate the negative impact of the fashion industry on the planet, in turn reducing the adverse effects of climate change, fashion brands, retailers and all supply chain stakeholders are being strongly advised to commit to sustainable fashion practices as advised by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

To implement new sustainable practices across all aspects of their businesses. From fair work practices to introducing new clean technologies to water waste minimisation and many more initiatives.

Those of us within the industry have a responsibility to provide fashion consumers with brand transparency, to influence good, well informed buyer decisions, create brand loyalty and thus drive the economic change towards fashion sustainability.

It is a partnership – we’re all responsible.

However, you are the ultimate game changer.

We can design and manufacture all the sustainable fashion we like, launch the most stunning marketing campaigns using the most gorgeous men and women with the most stunning fashion, however, ultimately you drive the sales, you drive the economics.

You drive how the industry will continue to impact the planet negatively or positively; carbon emissions impacting on our air quality, impacting on weather patterns which as we now know adversely impacts us all.

You, the consumer, ultimately influences the drive to fashion sustainability through the choices you make when you shop for your fashion. What is so exciting about this is that together we really can make a difference for a kinder, more ethical, more sustainable fashion industry, where everyone in the fashion industry thrives as we should. It starts and ends with you – the fashion buyer.

You are the ultimate influencer because you have the capacity to make your social responsibility mark in your own life, that of your friends and family, on social media, the industry and ultimately, people, planet and animals…and every single industry here on after as we all ride the wave of adaption and transition to more sustainable practices everywhere.

Decor Process

How will you manifest this power as a consumer?

We at IndeeFactor hope it’s for the good. For you and for everyone whom you care about, for our planet and for our economic future…which by the way is set to skyrocket as we transition to more sustainable practices. Just ask any big bank that knows what they’re talking about.

We hope you’ll join us…we really want you to be a part of it.
There’s never been a more critical and more exciting time to be a
fashion consumer.