Our team

MIKE-DAVE AYENI (Quebec, Canada)
Sustainable Fashion Writer

I have been a professional writer and content creator for the past five years. My love for words began when I was just twelve years old. I read the book Animal Farm by George Orwell and since then I’ve been hooked in the world of words.

I’ve been interested in sustainability since my days in the university. I was involved in different clubs and associations dedicated to saving the earth. I wrote several newsletters and articles on the subject and even participated in a few debates.

I am very interested in issues concerning fashion and sustainability because I know the damage that unhealthy capitalism can cause. It is my firm belief that people are more important than money and I will dedicate my talents to that. I feel the responsibility to help people see how they can help save our earth.

KATE DULHUNTY (Victoria, Australia)
Sustainable Fashion Brand Analyst

I’m a Wadawurrung / Surf Coast-based film photographer and writer. My main loves are photography, philosophy, travelling, playing with words, cooking, and finding ‘00s Miss Shop gold at the local op shops. At uni I studied writing and philosophy. I guess it was a combination of the connections with women where I travelled and the theories I learnt at uni that helped me fully understand the extent of the damaging ethical issues inherent in fast fashion– a result of patriarchal capitalism. I do not want clothing to exploit land or labour. I do want clothing to be cared for and passed on, telling great stories along the way. As the current vintage market is not innocent, I opt for op shopping for the odd fashion fix and I support ethical Melbourne makers when I can. I also make and sell my own jewellery out of recycled beads through my little Shell Shoppe. I’m liking the shift I’m seeing in the whole system of global fashion, but I believe there is a really long way to go. My responsibility is to continue to help educate consumers in a kind and grounded way that considers people globally.